we are
young and talented people,
with commitment
to make
our client win

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Our Values

Our three values are reliable, committed and innovative. We are reliable to deliver and implement solution for our clients. Commitment to win together with client. Innovation is in our heart, and the driver to always give the best for our client.

meet the team

Our People Come From a Diverse Background, Each With a Set of Unique Competencies and Experiences. The mix of cultures, academics and experiences creates a dynamic team environment that is capable with the tools and skills sets to provide distinct and valuable knowledge to our clients.

  • Muhammad Edwin Halim, ST, MSc
    Muhammad Edwin Halim, ST, MScPartner

    Muhammad Edwin Halim earned an industrial engineering degree From ITB and also earned Master in Logistic and Supply Chain Management from Lancaster University. He spent 2 years in Johnson & Johnson and had exposure on Supply chain and trade marketing. He also involved on implementing Vendor Managed Replenishment for JNJ distributors. His experience including supply chain management, business process analysis and retail management.

  • Ulyses Sitompul, ST, MT
    Ulyses Sitompul, ST, MTPartner

    Ulyses sitompul graduated from ITB with an industrial engineering degree and master degree in Economics of development studies. He has a lot of experience in government projects, among them are projects in Ministry of Public work, ministry of trade, ministry of public housing, Bappenas and BPWS. Beside in public sector, he has also experience in private sector, among them are PT Adhimicx Precast Indonesia and Sucofindo. His experience are including business management, monitoring and evaluating government project and regulation, Organization development and management, business process analysis and development information system.

  • Dimas Budi Prakoso, S.Sos, MBA (Cand)
    Dimas Budi Prakoso, S.Sos, MBA (Cand)Partner

    Dimas Budi Prakoso earned his bachelor degree from University of Indonesia and currently a Master Business and Administration candidate in University of Gadjah Mada. Prior his tenure in GTI, he works in Bank Bukopin and Astra Rent a Car (ASTRA TRAC) as Sales manager and account manager. He has a lot experience in designing and implementing transportation management. Beside that, he is also an entrepreneur and have experience in event organizer and Agribusiness.

  • Alfie Novriansyah Zairul, ST, MT
    Alfie Novriansyah Zairul, ST, MTPrincipal Associate

    Alfie Zairul graduated from ITB for his bachelor degree and Master degree both for Industrial Engineering with distinction. He is the best graduate in his class. He has a lot experience, local and international projects. Prior his tenure in GTI, he works for Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia and become one of the member of the Sales & Operation Planning Team. He has expertise in Business process analysis, Manufacturing, supply chain and IT development.

  • Mario Pandapotan Nainggolan, ST, MT, ITIL v3 F
    Mario Pandapotan Nainggolan, ST, MT, ITIL v3 FPrincipal Associate

    Mario Pandapotan graduated from ITB for his bachelor degree and Master degree both for Industrial Engineering. Prior GTI, he was a business analyst in Biznet, responsible on Biznet business development. He has expertise on business process analysis, manufacturing, IT and Networking.

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